Band brings home BOA Super Regional title

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by Maryssa Medley

On Nov. 1, the members of the Blue Raider Band showed their true colors. The band placed first in the preliminary and first in the finals competition at the Bands of America Super Regional, scoring higher than 51 bands over the course of two days.

“[Before the performance,] I was very emotional,” junior Taylor Knight said. “We all wanted to be successful for the seniors since it was their last performance.”

L.D. Bell swept the competition with a final score of 94.55, with Marcus High School a close second with a score of 93.35. The band also received first in outstanding visual performance, outstanding general effect and tied with Marcus High School for outstanding music performance.

“[Overall,] this was a lot of hard work, and sometimes it felt as if it wasn’t worth it. But hearing our school name called as winner was like reaching the light at the end of the tunnel,” Knight said.

All of the bands had exceptional performances, and they all deserve congratulations on placing in Bands of America. In the end, though, L.D. Bell topped the competition with excellence and a passion for music that shined through their playing.


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