The odds are in favor of The Hunger Games

by Sarah Pruitt

The verdict is in: the much-anticipated movie adaptation of The Hunger Games is a smash success. Coming out of the gates with fists swinging, it shows no momentum of slowing down from the $155 million it generated over its opening weekend alone. This amount only takes in the U.S. and Canada, ensuring that once it goes international, there will be no stopping its money train.

Its incredible monetary success has catapulted The Hunger Games into the record books already, making it the highest-grossing non-sequel release ever. It seems that the movie’s title is indicative of the fan’s reaction: viewers everywhere find themselves still craving more.

Overall, the film has garnered high praise; according to the popular website Rotten Tomatoes, which calculates the percentage of good reviews a movie receives, The Hunger Games scored 85 percent positive feedback out of 226 critics’ reviews.

Further proof of its seal of approval comes from the website Meta Critic; its rating system shows that out of 186 combined reviews of everyday fans and film critics alike, the average score came to be 7.5 out of 10.

If it keeps things up, The Hunger Games will continue to shatter records and blaze a memorable path across the box office. Whether you found the movie to be to your liking or not, there is one thing that cannot be argued: this series will make for an extremely lucrative success.

Now the question remains, will it be able to beat out Harry Potter or Twilight’s fan bases and monetary records? Only time will tell. And with the last Twilight movie hitting theaters by the end of this year, the bloodbaths prevalent in The Hunger Games may likely extend from fantasy into real life, where the Battle of the Box Office begins.

It’s a tough task to win against a perpetually shirtless Taylor Lautner, but with The Hunger Games’ universal appeal and kick-butt heroine, the odds of the rest of the series coming out on top will likely be in its favor.


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