Artist of the Week: Hello Harbor


Q: What do you play and for how long?

A: I play guitar, piano, clarinet, and I sing.  I believe I started playing guitar at nine, so: guitar for seven years, piano for one, clarinet for four, and I have been singing since I was in kindergarten.

Q: How did you come up with the name “Hello Harbor”?

A: Honestly, I had a list of band names that came to mind and eventually I needed a name for what I was doing.  I went and looked through the names and a few called out to me.  I thought about going with “Inevitable Endings” at first, but I realized that it did not fit my style.  I went with “Hello Harbor” because to me, it fit a lot better than the other.

Q: What is your style?

A: I aim to have this pop-punk sound, something like “NeverShoutNever” mixed with Hayley Williams.  But recently (with only acoustic sound to work with) I ended up being a lot more pop than punk.  Once I got my electric, I simply added a harder tone to my sound—finally giving it the punk side I had been craving.

Q: Who inspires you? Why?

A: Three people inspire me: Billie Joe Armstrong, Hayley Williams, and Christofer Drew.  Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead of “Green Day,” is a major inspiration to me because he is not afraid to speak his mind through his music; he doesn’t care what the politics say.  Hayley Williams is a strong, independent woman who does not let anyone get her down.  She is what I aim to be when I get out there and start touring.  Throughout the years of the changes in the music industry and everything, Hayley has stayed Hayley and that is what I like about her.  Christofer Drew has been through a lot and writes music that could be relatable to many people.  That is what I hope to do as well; I want people to turn to my music for comfort.

Q: Where are you online?

A: I think the question you should be asking is:  Where AREN’T I? I am on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (yes, even Myspace), PureVolume, and YouTube. I hope that with this little bit of exposure, my views will jump. I am working on finding a studio where I can record my originals (considering all I am doing at this moment is covers).  Once I get into a studio, much more of my original stuff will be hitting the main place.

You can find “Hello Harbor” through the following links:


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