Grand Theft Auto 5 debuts

by Tianna White

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the trending topic on Twitter right now.

It was released on Sept. 17 for PlayStation 3 and for Xbox 360 consoles.

Grand Theft Auto was the news of the day when it was released.  Teens camped out just to get the game and experience the new thrill that was created.

The game is played in third person in the real world. It allows up to 16 players in the online multiplayer mode, so you can engage with others around who have the game.

According to sophomore Bijan Hall, the game has “better graphics” that add more thrill to the game.

“You can do anything you want to,” Hall said. “It’s like real life but not everything.”

In Grand Theft Auto 5, “you can do different things that you normally can’t do,” senior Se’jon McRoy said. “If they upgrade technology, they can make a better game.”


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