Diamond Duty: Field upgrades a result of team effort

In this Q&A, coach Paul Gibson discusses the recent improvements to the Bell baseball field.


Q:  Was there a specific need for the new baseball fields?  Or was it just “time” for a change?

A: For most of the fieldwork, it was just “time” for normal upgrades. Due to use and weather, baseball fields need to be upgraded every two to three years.

Q:  Did you have a say in the end product, or did you trust your contractor?

wideviewA:  I tell the contractor what we are looking for, but it is up to them to get it done!

Q:  Has the new field met your expectations?

A:  So far, so good.

Q:  How do you hope the new developments will affect your team’s morale?

A:  I do believe it gives them a sense of pride in the way the field looks. Hopefully the fact that the field is in better shape, it will take away any excuses.

Q:  How has the team helped in the process of the field?home

A:  The kids and their parents do a great job of fundraising and getting involved in raising enough money for the project to be done. The cost for the whole project is between $17,000-$20,000.  And the baseball program has to pay for all but $7,000.

—Brenna Redmond


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