FOOTBALL: Keller Central 34, Bell 31 (OT)

by Boston Billings

Aug. 31, 2015

Bell football kicked off their 2015 season with an exciting game that went to overtime. Even though it ended in a loss, the game proved to be a “step up” from last year’s season. Many exciting plays happened throughout the game that kept the crowd on their feet. It was one of the more exciting and fun games I’ve seen Bell play in awhile.

With the leadership of Dominque Lawson and Terry Pace on the offensive side, Bell put up 31 points on Friday. On the defensive side of the ball, players like Devunte Dawson and Collin Killough were great during the game, but only held Keller to 34 points.

After a strong first half, Bell and Keller Central traded four straight defensive stops before Keller finally scored a touchdown to take the lead just before the 4th quarter. Bell continued to struggle on the offensive end throwing 2 interceptions allowing Keller Central to take an 8 point lead with one minute left.

Everyone thought the game was lost and many people started to leave. Bell had the ball at their own 20 and had to march down the field to tie the game. Bell was able to go down the field with the help of Lawson and Pace.

Lawson also made key passes throughout the game to Ricky Walton and Tacorian Howard. Lawson scored then threw a 2-point conversion to Walton to tie the game. In overtime Bell made many mistakes and had many penalties thrown on them. With the adversity Bell still managed to kick a 40-yard field goal from the star kicker, Dunlop. Keller got the ball and threw a great pass for a touchdown to their tight end to win the game.

Bell lost, but this could be a new beginning for Bell football.


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