Coach records 800th win

by Sophie Rodgers

On Aug. 28, volleyball coach Vickie Griffin made history. The L.D. Bell varsity volleyball team was playing against Timber Creek High School in the Arlington Invitational volleyball tournament. The team came into the game knowing that they were at 799 wins with Griffin as head coach.


The team celebrates Coach Vickie Griffin’s 800th win. (photo courtesy of Cathy Rodgers)

“I was excited because I knew this could be an historical moment in her career, but I was just going to continue to play my game,” said Maegan Madden, junior defensive specialist.

The team swept their opponents in 2 sets and suddenly made history.

Coach Griffin has won lots of games in her career, but one of the games that stood out to her the most was the actual 800th win. In spite of that, this accomplishment of 800 wins was a goal she had made with her offseason girls last year.

“It’s an honor to play for a legend and be a part of the amazing tradition,” said Shawna Glick, junior, right side.

“Eight hundred wins is great accomplishment,” Griffin said. However, the thought of 1,000 wins is a lot, and she isn’t sure if she will still be coaching by then.

However, after 39 years along with many accomplishments, Coach Griffin is a legend and will always leave a legacy no matter where she goes.

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photos courtesy of Cathy Rodgers


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