FOOTBALL: Midland 17, Bell 7

by Boston Billings

What a huge improvement over last week’s massacre in Rockwall. The defense was swarming all over the field, the offense was very exciting, and the atmosphere of playing in the biggest football field in the world also brought a little more fun to Saturday’s showdown.

In the first half, the offensive line helped move the football down the field as Brendan Weatherspoon and Brandon Sitole led their enormous barricade for an early score. Dominique Lawson ran in a touchdown in the second quarter with the help of his offensive line.

The defense in the first half was dominant, too. They kept Midland from scoring the whole half. They were led by Dequalon Hill’s stellar play in the defensive secondary and Blake Jenkins powerful run stuffing in the line.

After a great half with the score 7-0, the game went downhill from there. Midland started rushing the quarterback resulting in several sacks and hurried passes. They also moved the ball down the field scoring all of their points in the second half. Bell collapsed and ended up losing the game.

Now they have to learn how to finish a game if they want to be successful, but I can tell you that AT&T Stadium was louder than most Cowboy games from the exciting game put on display on Saturday evening.

Bell is looking forward to getting their first win this season next week against the star-filled Abilene Golden Eagles. This game is the most important of the season so far because Bell needs to start winning games if they want to make the playoffs. I wish them the best for next week’s game.


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