FOOTBALL: Abilene 44, Bell 14

by Boston Billings

I don’t have much to say about this disaster of a game. Right from the start Abilene dominated the line of scrimmage and drove the ball down the field. Before anyone blinked an eye, it was 24-0 at half. Bell didn’t know what hit them.

There were turnovers and penalties that haunted Bell throughout the game. The stands were shut down in the beginning of this awful show. Bell is now 0-4 and desperately needs a win against the Coppell next week. Even though these games don’t matter for playoffs, it still shows what Bell is struggling at.

There were only a few players that stuck out during the game. Collin Killough still played well and made a few tackles. Offensive linemen Brendan Weatherspoon, Brandon Sitole, and Lazzerick Bowie all blocked well, but it didn’t matter in this terrible blow to Bell’s season.

We can only hope for the best next week and that Bell can get a one in the win column. If we can’t, then Bell’s playoff hopes can be crushed soon.


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