FOOTBALL: Bell puts up great fight in 1st against Trinity

Trinity 57, Bell 17

Oct. 8, 2015

by Boston Billings

What an exciting game up until halftime. For the first couple minutes of the game, after a trick play and a great defensive stop, Bell looked like they would end the long, dreadful streak. Then we came back to reality and the fifth-ranked team in America reminded us why they’ve won 17 straight games against the L.D. Bell Blue Raiders.

I will say, though, that was the most hyped game I’ve been to for Bell. It was the loudest and craziest student section I have been in, which helped Bell get off to a 10-0 start. People were throwing baby powder, paint, people were taking their shirts off, and there were some funny chants during the game, too.

Bell’s highlight of the year had to be the second play of the game when Dominique Lawson through a screen to Tacorian Howard, who threw it down field to Alex Dam for a touchdown. It was a creative play that they actually used later in the game to complete a pass for 40 yards to Tyler Macel that also almost resulted in a touchdown. Then when Trinity got the ball after the trick play, Bell forced a fumble and recovered it around the 50-yard line. Bell went down and kicked a field goal by Tyler Dunlop. Bell was so shocked by their lead because Bell hadn’t started a game like this against Trinity since 2012.

Then Trinity’s star quarterback and running backs put on a show. Their star running back broke numerous runs for 50 or more yards, and had four touchdowns. He rushed for over 250 yards. Their backup running back also had a great game rushing for over 100 yards and two touchdowns. Trinity’s quarterback weighed over 250 pounds and scored another touchdown that devastated Bell’s energy created by the trick play and the rowdy student section.

Trinity went on to blow Bell out, but people realized why this was a rivalry in the first quarter after the most exciting quarter I’ve seen Bell play all year. Maybe next year Bell can end the 18-year streak.


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