Choir groups find ‘Country Roots’

by Sami Dugdale

On Oct. 19, the well known show choir, Bell System, performed their show entitled “Country Roots” along with the other choir groups such as acapella women and the chorale men.


Bell System performs “Country Roots” during their Oct. 19 concert. (photo by Sami Dugdale)

In this upbeat and fun performance, Bell System did a mash up of classic country songs, including the popular “Honey, I’m Good.” This was the first time I had ever attended a choir show here at Bell and the passion I witnessed in the students’ faces inspired me to learn more about this organization.

When current Bell System members describe the program in one word, they respond with words such as exciting, dedication, bonding, and family.

When asked about the rehearsal process, Blake Casper, a senior in Bell System, explained that they “normally start learning music around six weeks prior to [our] showcase. Rehearsals really intensify around two weeks before, though.”

Fellow senior Delaney Trewitt agrees, saying that “it’s time consuming and difficult, but it’s ultimately worth it in the end.”

All-State is the organization’s top priority around this time of the year. Winning a position demonstrates a strong knowledge and understanding of choir techniques. Trewitt was a member of the Texas All-State Choir last year and is currently auditioning again, already having received first chair in the second of four rounds. Casper is also part of this process, having received 12th chair and advancing onto the third round.

Christian Hernandez, a sophomore and new member of Bell System, expressed the amount of passion and dedication he has towards this program.

Is it intimidating working with the older members?

He responded quite the opposite, saying, “it’s actually really fun working with kids with a higher musical experience. They’re all really talented and amazing singers.”

When it comes to college, both Casper and Trewitt have decided on pursuing a career in music education, although Delaney says that her number one dream is to be an opera singer.

Sydney Shackman, another senior in Bell System, intends to pursue a career in psychology but says that if her college has a show choir, she’d audition.

This program has taught students that no matter who you are or what background you come from, you will always be welcomed.

“Bell System is full of varying personalities, and to truly transform this group into a family, you eventually learn to love and appreciate your fellow students for who they are, no matter what,” Trewitt said.

Yes, these students are all very different, but they all have one common goal.

“No matter who I meet,” says Casper, “we all come together to make great music.”


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