Food drive owes beginnings to Bell student

by Sophie Rodgers


All of this year’s food drive winners were presented with checks at the Bell-Trinity game. (photo by Cody Bettis, 6 Stones)

Allison Okruch is junior now at L.D. Bell, but she has something very unique about her. Okruch is not only  a student athlete involved in many extra curricular activities in and outside of school, but she started a tradition that is now something all schools in HEB ISD do: the Black and Blue Canned Food Drive Challenge.   

“It started with an English assignment in seventh grade about a global issue I chose to write about,” she said. “Poverty in children’s lives and how it affected their ability to succeed in school really stuck out to me.”

“The reason I chose this is because I had gone on a mission trip to an Indian reservation in North Dakota where poverty greatly affected their lives,” she said. “Coming back from that mission trip, I decided to look for similar problems in our community.”     At such a young age this seemed crazy to have come up with, but she managed to do it.

“It means a lot to me that it has grown so large,” Okruch said. “It shows that the community cares enough to set aside their differences, whether it be schools, jobs, or family backgrounds, in order to help others.”

She has impacted so many people’s lives at a young age.

“It keeps me humble,” she said. “There is no way I could’ve come up with all of this. It has shown me how God can use something so simple for the greater good of his plan, and that’s what I hope others understand and realize from everything that has taken place.”


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