Getting to know Young Life

by Sophie Rodgers

“The Hub” is the branch of YoungLife at L.D. Bell run by Julie Ware and her amazing staff.

YoungLife students will tell you that 7:30 in the old weight room is the place to be on Monday nights. For them, Mondays are the best night of the week and they look forward to it throughout the day.

  YoungLife is an organization at many schools that brings students of all kinds together to learn and talk about Jesus while having fun, but the unfortunate thing is not everyone views YoungLife in the correct way.

“Being in YoungLife doesn’t make you perfect,” Ware said.

Some don’t understand the real meaning of YoungLife.

“People can come and experience life to the full,” she said. “YoungLife is going to keep showing up and loving people for who they are and not what they have done.”

YoungLife has been around since 1986. Ware was in YoungLife when she went to Bell in 1990. “It’s a legacy,” she said.

However, something that inspired her to do what she does today is how accepting the leaders were no matter whom they were or what they have done.

“Being a staff kid is the best!” Hallie Ware, Ware’s daughter, said. “You get to watch thousands of kids turn to Christ in a short week of camp.”

YoungLife is a life-changing organization that anyone can be a part of. To Jolene D’Anna, YoungLife is “greatness. New surprises every time you go to club. Always a welcoming feeling.”

No matter what you’ve done or what you’re going through, YoungLife will always welcome you in with open arms.

“It’s brought me closer Christ and gave me the true friends I know I can always count on,” junior Megan Dominiec said.

YoungLife changes kids’ lives every day.


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