Golf team competes under the radar

by Boston Billings

The high school sports world celebrates sports like football, basketball, baseball, or volleyball. Students fill the bleachers for their teams and show school spirit throughout the year. L.D. Bell is no different in showing most of their attention to the “main sports.”

All year students have asked, “How is Coach Glaze going to take a 1-9 football team and change them into winners?” or “Will Coach Griffin get her 800th win this year?” or “Is Coach Henderson going to lead his team to the playoffs for the first time in four years?”

Those are all interesting questions, but many students overlook one sport that doesn’t attract all of the attention. That sport is golf.

Bell’s golf team thinks very differently.  Junior Brandan Thacker said there’s a common misconception about golf.

“Many people think golf is easy and a boring sport that no one plays,” Thacker said. “Actually golf is very fun and hard, both physically and mentally, that if you understand the game, it is a very hard but interesting activity.”

Golf is a very fun game that helps you grow patience and control not just in golf but in life.

This year’s coach is former L.D. Bell associate principal, Buddy Hamm, who hopes to put the golf team on the map this year and make it one of Bell’s priority sports. Many former athletes of Bell’s other sports including the ones who have played their whole life are on this mission to make golf important to the Blue Raiders students.

So what inspired some of the newcomers to golf to play?

Cole Dickson answered, “I never really watched golf, but when I saw Jordan Spieth for the first time I was astonished by his dominance and swagger on the golf course,” Cole Dickson said. “I decided I wanted to be like him.”

For Thacker, it’s a family tradition.

“My family plays golf and it’s a sport you can play the rest of your life,” he said.  “My grandfather also talked me into playing because he’s played all his life.”

People at Bell also need to know some of the aspects of golf.

The hardest part of golf is “putting because you have to control the ball speed, it’s hard to tell the slope of the green, and it’s the hardest mental block to beat in all of sports,” Thacker said.

Everyone needs to take a step back from the football team for a second and take a look at the golf team. Maybe they will inspire you to have a passion for golf just as they have.


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