Sophomore enjoys early success in golf

by Boston Billings

This year’s golf team has much to get excited about, especially the growth of the program, but one student stands out—Brooke Sullivan. She has been a terrific golfer throughout her high school career so far.

Coach Hamm describes her as a very special player.

“Brooke truly enjoys the game of golf and practicing,” he said. “If she is not having a good day on the golf course, Brooke does not let it bother her.”

Sullivan attended Bedford Junior High and played varsity golf as a freshman. Last year she was an honorable mention on the All-District team as a freshman. She won the Martin Flores Bagpipe Open, qualified to play in the Houston Shell open, and Legends Tour Girls Invitational.

Now as a sophomore, she has already placed second both varsity tournaments.

Hamm said he loves how she reacts to his instruction.

“Brooke responds very well to people in general,” he said. “Whether I am making critiques or suggestions, she appears to be positive and receptive,” which shows her high respect for others.

Hamm predicts that Sullivan will continue to compete in golf after high school.

“She will definitely play college golf by being a good student who has great work ethic on her game,” Hamm said. “I feel Brooke will have many options after high school.”

  Hamm also talked about the role her parents play in her sucess.

“She has a great supportive mom and dad who have the opportunity to watch her play,” he said. “They also help her improve her swing with other coaches that enhance her skill,” proving that Brooke has parents that want to see her do well.


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