When pep rally fun becomes dangerous

“Go, Raiders, Go!” The shouting and excitement at school events show the school spirit. It also shows the support of the students and teachers.

The only problem is that the students at Bell are limited in how they can show that excitement at pep rallies or games. Certain items like toilet paper, confetti, and baby powder have been banned to protect students’ safety.

Now the ban extends to balloons. An announcement was made in second period classes about balloons now being banned in the school building for pep rallies, birthdays, graduations, and even prom invitations. There will be consequences if a teacher sees a student with a balloon.

What most students don’t know is that a staff member was hurt because of the latex found in balloons. At one of the pep rallies, the teacher had a severe  allergic reaction to the latex in balloons that were used.

The teacher is fine now, but the seriousness of the allergy caused administrators to change the rules for pep rallies.

As much as the students want to have fun at pep rallies, safety will always come first. We applaud the student body for respecting those safety concerns and showing their school spirit in ways that did not negatively impact any members of the Bell “family.” By following the new rules, students showed that their school spirit runs deep.

Blueprint staff


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