REVIEW: Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’

by Kaylee Castaneda

Blueprint staff

Justin Bieber came out with his new album on Nov. 13. This is Bieber’s fourth album and many believe it’s his best.

With three singles and promotional songs—“What Do You Mean,” “Sorry” and “I’ll Show You”—he gave fans a feel for what the album will be like. The single, “What Do You Mean,” became his first single on the Billboard Hot 100 so we all had very high expectations for this album and I’m sure we can all agree Bieber reached them.

Before Purpose came out, Bieber announced on Ellen that he is going on tour. Starting March 9, 2016, Bieber will be on the road again after two years.

Bieber has been in the spotlight for some time now while performing again. He recently made an appearance at the AMA’s and acoustically sang “What Do You Mean” then later performed “Where Are Ü” and “Sorry.”

Bieber definitely has not lost any of his performing ability. This tour will for sure be very big and will be a step up in his career, considering tickets are already sold out in cities around North America.

Critics gave the album a 63/100 overall. With 13 tracks, 18 if you get the deluxe and many more bonus tracks, Justin Bieber showed us how much he has matured vocally. He uses modern R&B to a more soulful sound throughout the album going from “Love Yourself” to “Life Is Worth Living”; Bieber knows how to catch our attention.


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