Gordon appreciates basketball’s lessons

by Kaylee Castaneda

The L.D Bell girl’s basketball team is stronger than ever! Junior Lexi Gordon had a lot to say about the team’s expectations and goals.

The team wants and believes they will win the district championship this year. Their maturity level has grown a lot from last year. They were young and had to gain experience—which they did—from last year.

Gordon said the team supports each other during the season.

“We help each other out a lot,” Gordon said. “When one of us is struggling, there’s always someone else that will pick us up.”

It seems as though the team works really well with each other, and if conflict does come up, they usually talk it out and move on. That must be hard for the team, but they seem to do just fine when things come up.

Gordon has played basketball for 11 years.

“It has taught me many and has formed lifelong friendships with many people,” she said. “I really love to play and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.”

Gordon has the opportunity to play college basketball of the college of her choice and plans on majoring in sports broadcasting.

Even with all her success and achievements, Gordon remains humble and puts all her effort on the court no matter what. She said one word to describe how she feels while on the court is “free.”

She’s a natural on the court and I couldn’t agree more; you can see her love for the game when she plays.


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