STAFF EDITORIAL: New cell phone policy gives students chance to show responsibility

With the 2016 school year coming to an end, many big changes are among us, one being a change in the code of conduct regarding phones.

After a strict no cell phone policy, Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD and L.D. Bell are adapting to the 21st century and administering a trial period for phone use during designated times.

Cell phone use is now allowed during lunch and passing periods as well as in class when the teacher deems appropriate.

As exciting as this change is, nothing is permanent yet. This phone policy remains a trial run for these last six weeks of school to allow a better understanding of how the students in our district will handle this.

Students should use this trial period to show they can be responsible with their cell phones, using them for social purposes during appropriate “free time” and making sure they are using them for educational reasons during class.

With all the information they provide, cell phones can be important to the educational process. Even on a social level, phones are essential to people’s relationships with their family, friends, and co-workers. People of all ages need to be disciplined and mature with their phones, using them at appropriate times. Through responsible phone use, students will show district and campus administrators that they are capable of making good decisions and can still learn, even with their phones on during the school day.

One day at a time, L.D. Bell is catching up with the times and making necessary changes with the students in mind.


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