Volleyball welcomes new head coach


Head coach Jinni Walker watches her team take on Eaton Aug. 30. Bell won 3-1.

By Sophie Rodgers

With the 2016 volleyball season ahead, the varsity volleyball team is excited to have Jinni Walker as the new head volleyball coach.

Becoming a head coach is a huge role for someone to take on but with “prayer, trusting in gods plan, and the help of former head coach Vickie Griffin I knew it was the job I wanted,” Walker said. “The school and tradition” also played a big part in why she wanted the job.

The coaching change will impact the program in many ways.

“I hope for positive impact and with Coach Griffin being my mentor there will be some change in how things will go but not many,” Walker said.

In fact, “leaving legacy” is something Griffin always said and Walker will continue to live by that and feed it to the players.

“I’m very excited for this up coming season,” she said.

The LD Bell Volleyball team is up for a battle this season and they are ready to take it on.

“Our scrappy defense is something that really helps our team out a lot,” she said. “I truly believe in this team and am ready for some good volleyball.”

Along with Coach Walker’s excitement, the girls are right behind her.

“Coach Walker always pushes us to be the best we can be and I love that about her,” said senior Shawna Glick, senior, right side hitter.

“I think that with her experience of playing college volleyball and just volleyball knowledge she will help us out a lot this season,” said junior Allison Barton, outside hitter.

The Lady Raider Varsity Volleyball Team is extremely prepared for this upcoming season and can’t wait to see what is in store for them.





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