Wisecracks show provides lots of laughs

By Andrew Critser

The Wisecracks improv group gave an outstanding performance in their back to school special on Friday, Sept. 16.img_1308

It was an amazing show that kept us, the audience, laughing the entire time. The group of 11 with a mix of seniors, juniors, and sophomores gave an hour-long improv performance. The people involved showed a very cunning ability to think quickly on their feet.

There were several skits that made up the show, all of them kept us laughing. There were skits such as Bafutu, where three members of the group created a human prediction machine, predicting the future of several people from the audience. Another was Sit Kneel Stand, again three members of the group, but this time they pretended to operate a store, where one has to sit, one has to stand, and one has to kneel.

All in all it was an amazing show and I can’t wait for their next performance, their Halloween show, on Oct. 24 in the black box theater.

photos by Emily Bennett


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