Mumz4Kidz helps students donate mum money


By Sami Dugdale, editor

Homecoming is just around the corner, which means several things: proposals, homecoming king and queen, football games, and most importantly, mums.

Mums are a well-known Texas tradition that involves ribbons, flowers, lights, bells, ropes, and stuffed animals, all thrown onto a necklace that stretches to your feet, which you then trade with your date.

Now, while these mums are a tradition and, I admit, fun to wear at school, they can get pretty pricey. An average mum can cost around $100-$200.

However, this year instead of spending your paychecks on a mum, which you would only be wearing for a day, you could put your money towards something that really matters.

Mumz4Kidz is a student-led project that means to spread awareness of the growing population of homeless people in need of food and other necessary items, senior Hannah Anderson said.

“As most people know, mums are over $100 that people are willing to pay in order to celebrate homecoming,” she said. “We thought that mums are a little overrated and instead we should spend that money towards something of value—the homeless.”

Mumz4Kidz is a Dallas-based program that benefits Youth World for “at risk” children.

Anderson and several other students across the campus, with the help of Julie Ware, the sponsor of YoungLife, spread the word about Mumz4Kidz around school by wearing T-shirts and using the power of social media in order to bring awareness to this growing problem.


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