New teacher joins the Raider family

by Sophie Rodgers

Here at L.D. Bell, teachers’ ages vary in wide range. With the youngest being 22 and the eldest being mid-60, a lot of funny things occur.

Abby Zipoy, 22, is one of the 21 new Bell staff members this year. She is the assistant volleyball coach and teaches sophomore English.

“I wanted to be a teacher because I was excited to have the opportunity to help and inspire young kids not only in school but also in life,” Zipoy said.

When the opportunity to have the job of coaching and teaching LD Bell, she jumped right in. However, knowing that being a first year teacher comes with struggles, she never let them get in the way of pursuing her career.

In fact, one struggle she faced was being super young.

“People confused me as a high school student,” she said.

In going to take the staff picture for her teaching badge, she was confused as a student more than once in the same day.

“The guy taking the pictures told me I had gotten the wrong piece of paper and that I needed to get the student one,” Zipoy said.

In spite of all the laughs she had with people who didn’t know if she was a teacher or not, she loves teaching and coaching.

“This was definitely the perfect job for me,” Zipoy said.

This young teacher is very excited to see what the 2016-2017 school year has in store for herself, her students, and players.


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