RAIDER READS: Book reviews and recommendations

By Emily Bennett

I’m Supposed To Protect You From All This

By Nadja Spiegleman

This memoir shows a renewing relationship between a mother and daughter. She, Nadja Spiegleman, used to believe her mother was a fairy. But, as Spiegleman grew up from her adolescence, she realizes a shift in their relationship. This is a beautiful story between a mother and daughter separating and then finding one another again. This novel really expresses the mother-daughter dynamic.

Recommendations: Dragon Behind The Glass, How Poetry Saved my Life, The Measure of a Man

You Are Having A Good Time

By Amie Barrodale

Barrodale’s debut collection is what she would call a character studies of social behaviors. These tales show the readers the way relationships are created and fall apart, exploring the questions as to why people drink so much to why there are things we let just slip through our fingers.

Recommendations: You May See a Stranger, Ball, Why They Run the Way They Do

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

By J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, John Tiffany

Based off the original series that we all know and love, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series. While Harry had a difficult life, we realize sometimes the past repeats itself when his son, Albus, must struggle with the weight of the family legacy.

Recommendations: The Mortal Instruments, The Muse of Nightmares, Unearthed

A Hundred Thousand Worlds

By Bob Proehl

We start this novel off with Valerie Torrey and when she took off six years ago with her son. Torrey left Los Angeles, her leading role on a cult sci-fi TV show, and her co-star husband. Now her son, Alex, is 9 and she has to go on a mission to reunite him with his estranged father.

Recommendations: The Hike, Lincoln in the Bardo, Girl on the Train


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