Basketball standout signs with UConn

by Jacob Sirkis


Lexi Gordon, #34, makes her move during the Raiders’ Feb. 14 playoff game vs. Plano.

Lexi Gordon, the Blue Raiders girls basketball team’s star player, has undeniably proven that she is one of the best after receiving a scholarship to play basketball at the University of Connecticut.

Gordon, who started playing basketball at just 5 years old, credits her parents for helping get where she is today.

“They both played college basketball and have been my biggest motivators throughout the process,” she said.

Being the 29th overall prospect according to ESPN, Gordon was scouted by virtually the entire country. Never did she think that one day she would be playing for arguably the best college basketball program of all time.

When UConn told her that they were interested in recruiting her, “it was the best thing ever because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that not many people experience,” she said.

After making it official, she was “happy and relieved that my hard work had finally paid off; it was an eye opening experience before beginning the next step of my life.”

Another milestone Gordon surpassed this year was reaching the 2,000 point mark.

Gordon said she “credits my teammates for helping me get into position to score that many points.”

Gordon signed with UConn on Nov. 9. The Huskies, currently ranked #1 in the nation, won their 100th game in a row on Feb. 13.


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