College Readiness class encourages preparation for success

by Emma Foreman

Students have numerous opportunities to work toward their colleges and careers while in high school.

College readiness provides an experience that prepares one for the many challenges of college.

The class, offered to juniors and seniors and taught by English teacher Jennifer Garcia and  math teacher John Fetters, adjusts the student mindset to a college lifestyle in which there is potential for great academic success and study habits while still allowing time for extracurricular activities and hobbies.

An everyday experience in this class as explained by junior Bronson Read, who is currently taking this course.

“Mr. Fetters talks to us everyday about how important it is to take tests such as ACT and SAT,” Read said. “He also teaches us different ways to look at math problems and explains any questions we have about the application process.”

This class is highly rated, as demonstrated when Bronson was asked if he would suggest college readiness to all high school students planning to attend a college.

“Yes, it’s a great way to prepare yourself for the obstacles you will face ahead of you,” he said. “I believe that even if you don’t plan on attending a college, you should still take this class because you will learn a lot of life lessons.”

So if you are looking for a class that will prepare you for a great academic future while helping you with current scholastic struggles such as ACT and SAT tests, then meet with your counselor to join one of the college readiness classes offered.


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