EDITORIAL: Take advantage of college prep options

Staying on top of your college planning is one of the most important things you can do as a student, especially if you are a junior or a senior.

You should take advantage of some of the opportunities offered in HEB, whether it be taking an SAT prep course or taking the college readiness class. Not only will these types of things prepare you for applying to college, they also show colleges that you care about your education.

By taking an SAT prep course, you better prepare yourself to score high on the SAT test. Colleges use the SAT as a sort of entrance exam that helps them decide which students they want on their campus. Benefits from taking the test may include scholarships. So why not help yourself the best you can?

HEB has “test prep academies” that run through the Pat May Center that teach you test strategies and give you a general overview of the test as well. Also, you get your own official prep book that will help you even after you are finished with the class. (There is more info available on the classes offered in the counseling office)

If you do not want to spend personal time doing even more studying or just want to be even more prepared, there is still an option for you. Bell offers a college readiness class that prepares a student to be successful on entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT.

This class is essentially like the free version of the SAT prep course. Students receive instruction on critical reading and writing, including grammar, editing, and thesis development for English, and intensive practice and preparation for mathematic concepts. If you would like to partake in one of these classes, swing by your counselor’s office.

There are other ways to prepare you for your college education. There is no doubt that one can find help that is not within the district. However, these options aren’t just convenient, they are arguably the most helpful resources you will find.

Your future doesn’t begin on graduation day. What you do now can have a big impact on your success in college and beyond.


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