English teacher saving humanity one animal at a time

by Emma Foreman

Stephanie McCollum, AP and IB English teacher, has a passion for protecting and preserving nature unlike any other.

McCollum, who also sponsors Students Against Animal Violence (SAAV), is committed and dedicated to ensuring the lives of all animals.

“If there’s one part of the web of life that’s affected, we’re all affected,” she said.

McCollum’s passion has led her to become involved in organizations such as Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, which works to protect animals worldwide. Not only is she involved in this organization, she also holds the rank of secretary and is responsible for the coordination of many peaceful protests, meetings, and conventions.

marchThis organization engaged in a recent peaceful protest bearing signs with sayings such as “All Creatures, Great and Small,” and “Ban Ivory, Save Our Planet.” Like the many other organizations that fight for the rights of animals, protests and marches as such are done to bring not only awareness to the issues at hand, but also to spark change for such causes.

McCollum not only works in many worldwide settings, she also brings her passion to her actual job with her devotion to being the SAAV sponsor.

This organization participates in many events such as the Fall and Spring Festival, as well as their recent involvement of the animal shelter at the Craft Fair.

Besides working with shelter animals, McCollum also goes to the extent of caring for animals such as tigers and elephants that live in a sanctuary for animals. McCollum treats her animals with love and respect as if they are her own children.

It is no one’s but our own responsibility to bring environmental awareness to society, and McCollum is a prime example of the humane, environmentally aware person we should all strive to be, as “those who protect and save other animals lead the way in protecting and saving humanity and earth.”

photos courtesy of Stephanie McCollum


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