Buinger Tech: Center for SUCCESS

by Emma Foreman

photos by Andrew Critser

“The Buinger Tech Center has greatly prepared me for life after college.”

This is what many students have said about the Buinger Academy. With its very high and recognized population of students, the Buinger Tech Center offers classes from law and medicine to culinary and cosmetology.

Located next to Pennington Field, the Buinger Tech Center has a wide variety of specialized classes that might not be offered at the normal standard school classes.

Ready, Set, Teach is one of the many popular classes, as it offers a hands-on look into the life of a teacher in today’s education system.

Like so, the Courts and Public Systems class, which has its own court room and real life attempts at court cases, is another class offered for those students who would like to pursue a career in law study.

Bronson Read is one of the students in this class.

“The Courts and Public System class has helped me better understand the law system, and has sparked more interest in pursuing a career in that field after college,” he said.

“The courtroom that we used was the best part, and I looked forward to going and taking that class every day.”

Junior Ryan Sowell, a student at Bell, takes multiple classes at the Buinger Tech Center, one of these being Global Business.

“Right when we get into the class, we are immediately immersed into a different learning environment, almost like actual college,” Sowell said.

“Mrs. Chavez, the teacher, does an excellent job with helping, and teaching us the inter workings of the world economy.”

The Tech Center is a place for anyone looking into a specialized class for the career they wish to pursue, and is an opportunity that students should not miss out on.


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