Making the Team: Fredrick makes history as third male cheerleader at Bell


Fredrick performs with varsity cheer at the Raiderette spring show. (photo by Sami Dugdale)

by Sophie Rodgers

Junior Keirin Fredrick is the third male student to ever make the cheer team here at L.D. Bell High School.

“I’ve wanted to cheer since the seventh grade,” Fredrick said. “The stunts, flips, and choreography interested me.”

Being the only male team member is an opportunity not a lot of people can have. There are many positives but just one negative that can be fixed.

“The only hard thing is the uniform situation, but we’re figuring it out,” Fredrick said.

He feels very welcomed by the rest of the team and is extremely excited for the upcoming season.

“I’m most excited for pep rallies because we get to show off our routines and I just love to perform,” he said.IMG_5158

Early morning practices are something that he enjoys because he knows that they will make him and the team better in the long run.

With many goals in mind for next season, Keirin has some things he wants to get better at.

“I have lots of goals for flips but also jumps, dancing, and really everything,” Fredrick said. “I want to improve my tumbling and also learn new tricks.”

Also, he is very committed to the team and process of improving.

“I want to show everyone that I’m not just doing this for social class, I am doing it because I am an athlete and cheer is my sport,” Fredrick said.

He can’t wait for everyone to see what the cheer team’s got!

NOTE: This story originally stated that Fredrick is the second male cheerleader at Bell. He is the third, following Cody Hoffman and Cody Roberts. We apologize for this oversight and thank the cheer mom who pointed out this error.


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