Miracle League changes lives

by Sophie Rodgers

Miracle League is a co-ed baseball league in Southlake for special needs children and adults. This league gives these amazing people the opportunity of a lifetime.


Pineda poses with one of his players. (courtesy photo)

“It makes me really happy to be out there with the players during the games,” said Dwayne McDonald, head coach of the Giants Miracle League team. “I am pretty sure I have a big smile on my face the whole game.”

In 2007, McDonald’s daughter, Amber, started playing for Miracle League in Arlington. In 2011, he helped develop the “Competitive” division for the league to accommodate the older players that had outgrown the smaller field.

Senior Christian Pineda had the chance to be the assistant coach for the Giants.

“I have multiple people in my family that have special needs,” Pineda said.

He did his Senior Project over the different types of special needs and enjoys being able to make a difference in these peoples lives.

McDonald and Pineda both plan on coaching in the future.

“We always want the players to have fun no matter what,” Pineda said. “It’s a great feeling to help everyone have a chance to play to the best of their ability.”

Each player is always ready to learn something new everyday and loves going to their games.

“The players love to be there and are always excited to participate,” Pineda said.

No matter who you are or what you do, you are welcomed to come play or volunteer for this outstanding organization.


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