Softball builds a great friendship

by Sophie Rodgers

Junior Peyton Newman and sophomore Kallie Erwin have been playing varsity softball together for two years in school and 11 years total.

Outside of their high school team, they play together on a select team named Batbusters Gold Graves 16U.

Along with softball, they also played volleyball and basketball together when they were younger.


(courtesy photo)

“We are really good friends,” Newman said. “And I do believe it is mostly because we have played sports together for so long.”

“Our brothers played baseball together when we were little so we would always hang out at the baseball fields, which is another reason why we are such great friends,” Erwin said.

Although they are different ages, they hope to attend the same college and continue playing softball together.

“I think it would be awesome to play at the same school in college,” Newman said.

“Having the opportunity to play with your best friend for so many years is something not a lot of people have the chance to do,” Erwin added.

With Peyton playing first base/outfield and Kallie being a pitcher/middle infielder/outfielder, they only have one position in common. However, their friendship helps with communication on the field.

“Being such great friends is a benefit to have because we know a lot about each other,” both girls said.

With multiple girls being on both Varsity and JV, the two girls set a leadership example for both teams.

Their friendship is a great benefit to the program.


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