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L.D. Bell: A Place of Culture

By Emma Foreman, assistant editor

From trips to Italy and Germany, to Spain and Portugal, the various programs and classes at L.D Bell offer a wide variety of opportunities to gain cultural and foreign experiences.

Last year, the IB classes of 2017 and 2018 travelled to multiple places in Italy, including Rome and Florence. Students were able to see some of the most memorable and historic sights in the world such as Vatican City, the Coliseum, and the Doma.

Kirsten Kinzlmaier, currently a senior at Bell and IB student, went on the trip last year.

“While being in Italy, I experienced the amazing aspects of Italian culture,” she said. “The food, architecture, and people there all caused me to open my mind up to the world.”

This year the IB class will be traveling to France and England.

Other organizations provide similar experiences like this for students, including the various foreign languages classes here at Bell who offer educational trips that are correspondent to each language.

It is experiences such as these that make the students of LD Bell globally knowledgeable and open-minded to the various cultures, people, and traditions of the world.


PHOTOS: Raiderette Spring Show

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—photos by Sami Dugdale

The Raiderettes presented their 2017 Spring Show during A and B assemblies on April 7. Evening performances were that night and April 8.


The 2016 Bluepy Awards

In honor of the movie awards season, the Blueprint staff has made their own unique awards for films that might not have made the cut for the Oscars or Golden Globes.

Best Heartwarming Animation


After facing discrimination based on her size and being told her whole life what she can and can’t do, Judy Hopps, the first rabbit on the police force, seizes the opportunity to solve a mysterious case with help from a sly fox.

Best Movie Musical

La La Land

Set in Los Angeles, this jazzy musical revolves around the everyday lives of actress, Mia, and musician, Sebastian, and explores what is more important: love or the spotlight.

Best Sci-Fi

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Several years after her father, an imperial scientist, is taken away from her, Jyn joins the Rebel forces in a mission to steal the plans to reveal the only way of destroying the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, the Death Star.

Best Long-awaited Sequel

Finding Dory

When Dory remembers that she has a family out there possibly looking for her, the trio go on yet another journey across the ocean to find where they may be located, with the help of Bailey, and anxious beluga whale, Destiny, a near-sighted shark, and Hank, a cranky octopus.

Best Sing-along Movie


A spirited daughter of the village chief sets off on a voyage to fulfill her ancestor’s quest. With the help of demi-god, Maui, the two travel the ocean in order to return something that might save the fate of the island.

Best Fantasy

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

In year 1926, a group of extraordinary wizards and a single muggle set out on an adventure to return a number of misplaced magical creatures and continue to keep the wizarding world a secret.

Best Historical Film

Hidden Figures

Three brilliant African American women working for NASA set to work on one of the most influential space projects in history: launching John Glenn into orbit. If successful, the U.S. will represent a serious opponent in the Space Race.

Movie with the Best Spaceship


Set in the future, this movie tells the love story of two individuals who have awoken too early from their hibernation pods. Trapped on a spaceship heading to a different planet, they must find a way to go back to sleep or pass the 100 years left together.

Best Movie within a Movie


A woman becomes worried about her boyfriend when he explores an unworldly subculture surrounding a video tape said to kill the watcher seven days after viewing. She sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend and makes a horrifying discovery by doing so.

—compiled by Sami Dugdale and Emma Foreman

Date night on a budget

by Sami Dugdale

Tensions can get pretty high as you try to come up with a date idea that won’t break the bank. For those who like the lavish on this special occasion, kudos but this is not for you. For the savers, enjoy.

A Trip on the Train

Take the TRE (day passes are $10) to a Dallas art museum. There are free museums such as the Dallas Museum of Art. After, eat at a restaurant nearby or if you’re in the Dallas Arts District, the food truck vendors at Klyde Warren Park.

Fort Worth Fun

You could also visit some of the art museums in Fort Worth such as the Kimbell and Amon Carter. These museums are free and there are other attractions in the area as well, such as the Water Gardens or Botanical Garden.

Buffet of Flavor

Go to Dallas’ Trinity Groves, a center for a large variety of local businesses who create new and unique food ideas. You have your choice between Spanish Tapas, Middle Eastern, Latin-Asian fusion, Central-American, Italian, vegan, and sushi, all of which are located in one long strip.

Dinner and a Show

Enjoy some live music at a coffee bar such as Buon Giorno or Roots, both of which are very homey. You could also visit a restaurant such as Chicken Scratch, where they serve delicious southern cuisine, or Buttons Café, a haven for some mouth-watering soul food.

Just the Show

Get all dressed up to go see play at a local theater such as Bedford Onstage or Artisan Center Theater, where they offer a variety of different productions and entertainment.

Movie Night In

Stay in and have movie marathon, whether that’s watching every Star Wars movie or just bingeing a bunch of sappy classics, and make something quick and easy to snack on.

Thespians attend state festival

By Sami Dugdale, editor-in-chief

The weekend of Dec. 1-3, the theatre department attended the 2016 Texas Thespians Festival, a three-day festival in Dallas at the Omni Convention Center. This festival, held every year, welcomes theatre troupes from all over the state of Texas (and even some out of state schools).

At this convention, students are offered a variety of opportunities, the first being workshops. These workshops include lessons on acting, technical work, and pretty much any aspect of theatre you can think of. Just a few examples of said classes include The Business of Broadway, Acting Shakespeare, and Puppetry 101.

Students are also given the opportunity to see a variety of shows during their festival experience. This year’s main stage productions included Cabaret and Heathers 101. Other great shows students were able to enjoy included Hamlet, 21 Chump Street, Terra Nova, and Twelfth Night. L.D. Bell theatre students even put on their own show entitled 9 Worst Breakups of All Time, a hilarious show performed in front of over 400 students.

One last opportunity students are given is the chance to compete in certain fields and audition in front of college representatives from all over the country and receive possible scholarship offers. Three students from L.D. Bell auditioned in front of these representatives and received together callbacks from over 30 different schools across the country.

Texas Thespians is an amazing event that students look forward to attending every year and I recommend that everyone with any kind of interest in performing arts attend.

RAIDER READS: Book reviews and recommendations

By Emily Bennett

I’m Supposed To Protect You From All This

By Nadja Spiegleman

This memoir shows a renewing relationship between a mother and daughter. She, Nadja Spiegleman, used to believe her mother was a fairy. But, as Spiegleman grew up from her adolescence, she realizes a shift in their relationship. This is a beautiful story between a mother and daughter separating and then finding one another again. This novel really expresses the mother-daughter dynamic.

Recommendations: Dragon Behind The Glass, How Poetry Saved my Life, The Measure of a Man

You Are Having A Good Time

By Amie Barrodale

Barrodale’s debut collection is what she would call a character studies of social behaviors. These tales show the readers the way relationships are created and fall apart, exploring the questions as to why people drink so much to why there are things we let just slip through our fingers.

Recommendations: You May See a Stranger, Ball, Why They Run the Way They Do

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

By J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, John Tiffany

Based off the original series that we all know and love, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series. While Harry had a difficult life, we realize sometimes the past repeats itself when his son, Albus, must struggle with the weight of the family legacy.

Recommendations: The Mortal Instruments, The Muse of Nightmares, Unearthed

A Hundred Thousand Worlds

By Bob Proehl

We start this novel off with Valerie Torrey and when she took off six years ago with her son. Torrey left Los Angeles, her leading role on a cult sci-fi TV show, and her co-star husband. Now her son, Alex, is 9 and she has to go on a mission to reunite him with his estranged father.

Recommendations: The Hike, Lincoln in the Bardo, Girl on the Train

Wisecracks show provides lots of laughs

By Andrew Critser

The Wisecracks improv group gave an outstanding performance in their back to school special on Friday, Sept. 16.img_1308

It was an amazing show that kept us, the audience, laughing the entire time. The group of 11 with a mix of seniors, juniors, and sophomores gave an hour-long improv performance. The people involved showed a very cunning ability to think quickly on their feet.

There were several skits that made up the show, all of them kept us laughing. There were skits such as Bafutu, where three members of the group created a human prediction machine, predicting the future of several people from the audience. Another was Sit Kneel Stand, again three members of the group, but this time they pretended to operate a store, where one has to sit, one has to stand, and one has to kneel.

All in all it was an amazing show and I can’t wait for their next performance, their Halloween show, on Oct. 24 in the black box theater.

photos by Emily Bennett


PHOTO GALLERY: Hunt the Panthers pep rally

This gallery contains 21 photos.

Highlights from the Sept. 2 North Crowley pep rally —photos by Laramie Knox


PHOTO GALLERY: Outshine the Cowboys pep rally

This gallery contains 17 photos.

Highlights from the Aug. 26 Coppell pep rally —photos by Laramie Knox

Dancers take the stage

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The Raiderettes presented their annual spring show on April 15.

—photos by Sami Dugdale