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Buinger Tech: Center for SUCCESS

by Emma Foreman

photos by Andrew Critser

“The Buinger Tech Center has greatly prepared me for life after college.”

This is what many students have said about the Buinger Academy. With its very high and recognized population of students, the Buinger Tech Center offers classes from law and medicine to culinary and cosmetology.

Located next to Pennington Field, the Buinger Tech Center has a wide variety of specialized classes that might not be offered at the normal standard school classes.

Ready, Set, Teach is one of the many popular classes, as it offers a hands-on look into the life of a teacher in today’s education system.

Like so, the Courts and Public Systems class, which has its own court room and real life attempts at court cases, is another class offered for those students who would like to pursue a career in law study.

Bronson Read is one of the students in this class.

“The Courts and Public System class has helped me better understand the law system, and has sparked more interest in pursuing a career in that field after college,” he said.

“The courtroom that we used was the best part, and I looked forward to going and taking that class every day.”

Junior Ryan Sowell, a student at Bell, takes multiple classes at the Buinger Tech Center, one of these being Global Business.

“Right when we get into the class, we are immediately immersed into a different learning environment, almost like actual college,” Sowell said.

“Mrs. Chavez, the teacher, does an excellent job with helping, and teaching us the inter workings of the world economy.”

The Tech Center is a place for anyone looking into a specialized class for the career they wish to pursue, and is an opportunity that students should not miss out on.

Scholarship Corner

compiled by Laramie Knox

Amber Gutermuth

Gutermuth has been playing the violin for 13 years and is currently the concertmaster of the Varsity Symphony Orchestra at Bell. She plans to attend UTA to become a music teacher for children.

“I’m excited to enter a more mature environment,” Gutermuth said.

She received $40,000 from the Presidential scholarship and is excited to start a new chapter of her life while also getting to stay close to home.

Cameron Kostopolous

Kostopolous received offers from many schools (including $50,000 to University of Texas at Austin) but has committed to the University of Southern California.

Even though he’ll be nearly 1,500 miles away, Kostopoulos will miss his southern roots and family at Bell.

“There’s nothing like Bell Band,” Kostopoulos said.

The class of 2017 valedictorian plans on becoming a film producer.

Maggie Rolf

Maggie Rolf plans on majoring in environmental science at TCU, and plans to be a lawyer in the future. She received $64,000 from the Faculty Scholarship and stopped all her other college applications once she found out.

“I’m excited,” Rolf said. “I can see the finish line to graduation.”

Rolf is excited to continue her education while staying close to her family, which includes three younger siblings.

“They’re my best friends,” Rolf said.

Jasmine Nguyen

Jasmine Nguyen has been offered a $96,000 scholarship known as the “President’s Scholarship” from the University of Dallas for four years.

Nguyen is also considering schools such as University of Texas at Austin and University of Texas at Arlington. She hopes to pursue a major in computer/electrical engineering and hopes to work in the engineering field.

Ariel Riley

Ariel Riley has been offered a $20,000 band scholarship as well as a $6,000 academic excellence scholarship from the University of Mississippi.

Riley plans on attending this university and pursuing a major in biology in order to become a neurologist.

Josh Crow

Josh Crow has been offered a $32,000 academic excellence scholarship from Oral Roberts University. Although this is his top school, Crow is also considering Texas A&M.

His intended major is biology 2, which involves zoology, botany, and other environmental sciences, with a minor in journalism.

He hopes to get his masters and possible PhD in zoology and work for National Geographic or in the research department of a zoo.

Miracle League changes lives

by Sophie Rodgers

Miracle League is a co-ed baseball league in Southlake for special needs children and adults. This league gives these amazing people the opportunity of a lifetime.


Pineda poses with one of his players. (courtesy photo)

“It makes me really happy to be out there with the players during the games,” said Dwayne McDonald, head coach of the Giants Miracle League team. “I am pretty sure I have a big smile on my face the whole game.”

In 2007, McDonald’s daughter, Amber, started playing for Miracle League in Arlington. In 2011, he helped develop the “Competitive” division for the league to accommodate the older players that had outgrown the smaller field.

Senior Christian Pineda had the chance to be the assistant coach for the Giants.

“I have multiple people in my family that have special needs,” Pineda said.

He did his Senior Project over the different types of special needs and enjoys being able to make a difference in these peoples lives.

McDonald and Pineda both plan on coaching in the future.

“We always want the players to have fun no matter what,” Pineda said. “It’s a great feeling to help everyone have a chance to play to the best of their ability.”

Each player is always ready to learn something new everyday and loves going to their games.

“The players love to be there and are always excited to participate,” Pineda said.

No matter who you are or what you do, you are welcomed to come play or volunteer for this outstanding organization.

Making the Team: Fredrick makes history as third male cheerleader at Bell


Fredrick performs with varsity cheer at the Raiderette spring show. (photo by Sami Dugdale)

by Sophie Rodgers

Junior Keirin Fredrick is the third male student to ever make the cheer team here at L.D. Bell High School.

“I’ve wanted to cheer since the seventh grade,” Fredrick said. “The stunts, flips, and choreography interested me.”

Being the only male team member is an opportunity not a lot of people can have. There are many positives but just one negative that can be fixed.

“The only hard thing is the uniform situation, but we’re figuring it out,” Fredrick said.

He feels very welcomed by the rest of the team and is extremely excited for the upcoming season.

“I’m most excited for pep rallies because we get to show off our routines and I just love to perform,” he said.IMG_5158

Early morning practices are something that he enjoys because he knows that they will make him and the team better in the long run.

With many goals in mind for next season, Keirin has some things he wants to get better at.

“I have lots of goals for flips but also jumps, dancing, and really everything,” Fredrick said. “I want to improve my tumbling and also learn new tricks.”

Also, he is very committed to the team and process of improving.

“I want to show everyone that I’m not just doing this for social class, I am doing it because I am an athlete and cheer is my sport,” Fredrick said.

He can’t wait for everyone to see what the cheer team’s got!

NOTE: This story originally stated that Fredrick is the second male cheerleader at Bell. He is the third, following Cody Hoffman and Cody Roberts. We apologize for this oversight and thank the cheer mom who pointed out this error.

PHOTOS: Raiderette Spring Show

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—photos by Sami Dugdale

The Raiderettes presented their 2017 Spring Show during A and B assemblies on April 7. Evening performances were that night and April 8.


International Festival celebrates heritage

Representing a variety of countries, students shared food, clothes, talent, and other cultural elements as part of the International Club’s annual festival.


The event, held March 23 in the cafeteria, included a fashion show with clothing from around the world.

College Readiness class encourages preparation for success

by Emma Foreman

Students have numerous opportunities to work toward their colleges and careers while in high school.

College readiness provides an experience that prepares one for the many challenges of college.

The class, offered to juniors and seniors and taught by English teacher Jennifer Garcia and  math teacher John Fetters, adjusts the student mindset to a college lifestyle in which there is potential for great academic success and study habits while still allowing time for extracurricular activities and hobbies.

An everyday experience in this class as explained by junior Bronson Read, who is currently taking this course.

“Mr. Fetters talks to us everyday about how important it is to take tests such as ACT and SAT,” Read said. “He also teaches us different ways to look at math problems and explains any questions we have about the application process.”

This class is highly rated, as demonstrated when Bronson was asked if he would suggest college readiness to all high school students planning to attend a college.

“Yes, it’s a great way to prepare yourself for the obstacles you will face ahead of you,” he said. “I believe that even if you don’t plan on attending a college, you should still take this class because you will learn a lot of life lessons.”

So if you are looking for a class that will prepare you for a great academic future while helping you with current scholastic struggles such as ACT and SAT tests, then meet with your counselor to join one of the college readiness classes offered.

Date night on a budget

by Sami Dugdale

Tensions can get pretty high as you try to come up with a date idea that won’t break the bank. For those who like the lavish on this special occasion, kudos but this is not for you. For the savers, enjoy.

A Trip on the Train

Take the TRE (day passes are $10) to a Dallas art museum. There are free museums such as the Dallas Museum of Art. After, eat at a restaurant nearby or if you’re in the Dallas Arts District, the food truck vendors at Klyde Warren Park.

Fort Worth Fun

You could also visit some of the art museums in Fort Worth such as the Kimbell and Amon Carter. These museums are free and there are other attractions in the area as well, such as the Water Gardens or Botanical Garden.

Buffet of Flavor

Go to Dallas’ Trinity Groves, a center for a large variety of local businesses who create new and unique food ideas. You have your choice between Spanish Tapas, Middle Eastern, Latin-Asian fusion, Central-American, Italian, vegan, and sushi, all of which are located in one long strip.

Dinner and a Show

Enjoy some live music at a coffee bar such as Buon Giorno or Roots, both of which are very homey. You could also visit a restaurant such as Chicken Scratch, where they serve delicious southern cuisine, or Buttons Café, a haven for some mouth-watering soul food.

Just the Show

Get all dressed up to go see play at a local theater such as Bedford Onstage or Artisan Center Theater, where they offer a variety of different productions and entertainment.

Movie Night In

Stay in and have movie marathon, whether that’s watching every Star Wars movie or just bingeing a bunch of sappy classics, and make something quick and easy to snack on.

English teacher saving humanity one animal at a time

by Emma Foreman

Stephanie McCollum, AP and IB English teacher, has a passion for protecting and preserving nature unlike any other.

McCollum, who also sponsors Students Against Animal Violence (SAAV), is committed and dedicated to ensuring the lives of all animals.

“If there’s one part of the web of life that’s affected, we’re all affected,” she said.

McCollum’s passion has led her to become involved in organizations such as Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, which works to protect animals worldwide. Not only is she involved in this organization, she also holds the rank of secretary and is responsible for the coordination of many peaceful protests, meetings, and conventions.

marchThis organization engaged in a recent peaceful protest bearing signs with sayings such as “All Creatures, Great and Small,” and “Ban Ivory, Save Our Planet.” Like the many other organizations that fight for the rights of animals, protests and marches as such are done to bring not only awareness to the issues at hand, but also to spark change for such causes.

McCollum not only works in many worldwide settings, she also brings her passion to her actual job with her devotion to being the SAAV sponsor.

This organization participates in many events such as the Fall and Spring Festival, as well as their recent involvement of the animal shelter at the Craft Fair.

Besides working with shelter animals, McCollum also goes to the extent of caring for animals such as tigers and elephants that live in a sanctuary for animals. McCollum treats her animals with love and respect as if they are her own children.

It is no one’s but our own responsibility to bring environmental awareness to society, and McCollum is a prime example of the humane, environmentally aware person we should all strive to be, as “those who protect and save other animals lead the way in protecting and saving humanity and earth.”

photos courtesy of Stephanie McCollum

2017’s Got Talent

—photos by Sami Dugdale

The Senior Show featured a variety of acts, from dancers to singers to instrumentalists.

The Jan. 27 assembly helped raise funds for senior activities, especially prom.