Ajà Miller, photo editor

Down to earth and dedicated to getting tasks done, Ajà Miller is a sophomore at L.D. Bell. Her aspirations to become a publisher and writer drive her to do up and beyond what is expected.

At the tender age of 7, Ajà found her true love in reading.

“In the first grade I was so passionate about books,” she said.

ajaReading had always been a way for her to let her imagination roam wild.

“Books,” Ajà said, “are gateways that help bring people together and express sides of themselves they never knew they had.”

Inspired by the printed word at such an early age made her want to assert herself in the direction of literature.

“I remember some of the first short stories I wrote were about my alter ego− Orange Girl. I made everyone I came in contact with read what I had written,” Ajà said about what had started her writing career. “That was the first time I remember being so proud of what I had accomplished.”

Although far from perfect, Ajà plans to expand her knowledge in the journalism world in hopes to become the writer she always knew she could be.

“Everyone has a dream. And this one is mine.”


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