Alessia Rocca

Alessia Rocca is 17 and she’s a junior. She’s just an ordinary girl and as it, she always bring with her uncertainties and fears. The reason that differentiates her from the majority of them is that she decided to face up her fears leaving her country home, Italy, for a year to come to study in the United States of America.

To leave your home, your family, your friends, all your comfort zone for more than 10 months isn’t easy.

alessiaAlessia, with a big smile printed on her mouth, an Italian passport in her right hand and carrying a huge suitcase, seeing her parents proud of her, on Aug. 12 passed the security control of the Milan airport to board her flight to New York, following her dreams. In her suitcase she put her culture, her personality, her hopes and her story, leaving a space that she hopes to fill up during this experience with moments, new friends, certainties, feels, life lessons.

Now she’s living her American’s dream that a lot of teenagers hope for years but are not so brave to do this big step.

She’s living with an amazing host family, and she feels very lucky to have found such great people that in this first weeks are becoming part of her life as a second family. With them she is starting to taste the real American culture.

She’s experiencing the Americans’ lifestyle, attending a real American’s high school, the LD that she always heard about watching movies.

Alessia has been here for just a few weeks, but she’s loving America so far.

This year is for her like a huge present, and all the little things that are different from life in Italy amaze her.

“I feel like a child unwrapping the present that he wished for during Christmas morning,” she said.


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