Boston Billings, sports editor

Boston was born on Dec. 18, 1998, and was named after the famous city in New England. His parents loved the city’s culture, atmosphere and successful professional sports teams, not mentioning his father grew up outside of Boston. He has three brothers, two of them adopted, whom he loves avidly.

Throughout Boston’s scholar days, he received many high accolades in elementary school by being one of the more successful students. He gained many friends along the way that helped shape the way he is today.

Boston BillingsHis biggest love in life is sports. He grew up playing basketball, baseball and football, loving it every step of the way. Boston also began becoming a huge fan of sports.

His favorite teams are the Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Duke Blue Devils and Florida State Seminoles. He started watching all of his favorite teams’ games at a young age, always striving for more knowledge of the games he loves. He is such a terrific sports fan that in the year 2015, during the Patriots’ Super Bowl run, he wouldn’t shave his nasty beard until they won the Super Bowl. During the 2015 NCAA Tournament that lasted over a month, Boston wore a Duke jersey every day for a month until his team was champions.

During his junior high years he became more of a troublemaker than a high achieving student. He had bad judgments on his actions and faced many disciplinary issues.

During this time he learned from his mistakes. He was still a great athlete at Bedford Junior High and still had decent grades. Although, known for his daring and sometimes bad judgmental attitude, he was still loved by everyone.

He tells most people that without the leadership of his parents that he would not be successful in life, and their love for him means the world to him.

Now Boston plays basketball at L.D. Bell and continues to have fun throughout his life.


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