Jenelle Priddy, co-editor

For six years—almost a third of her life— senior Jenelle Priddy has been engrossed with writing. She had humble beginnings, if you can call pieces about classmates being shrunk down to action figure size humble. Reading has contributed to her imaginative sources as well.

“I love opening a book and being immersed in a different world,” Priddy said.

Although it’s constantly changing, one thing that stays the same through her writing is the idea that it should say what she wants to say. Priddy admits that she’s a quiet girl in person, but she does have a mental plan of what she wants to be changed in society.

“Being a journalist is a bit out of my comfort zone,” Priddy said. “But it’s my way of jutting my chin out there and getting my point across.”

Outside of being on the Blueprint news staff, Priddy is also a very loyal member of the Creative Writing Club. She hopes to think of a long-term novel, so she can read the chapters at each meeting.

Priddy also hopes to write more opinion stories for the Blueprint newspaper.

“Opinion stories can be really moving,” she said. “They can really make you think. And that’s what I want to do. I want to make people think, and I want to contribute to changing their minds about some things.”

When she gets out of high school, Priddy plans to look into majoring in Creative Writing, or something in the area of English. Her dream job is to be a screenplay writer.