Noel Downing

For as long as she can remember, senior Noel Downing has loved writing. In third grade when she learned about poetry is when it really won her over.

“I remember my third grade teacher very well,” Downing said. “She had a huge impact in my life teaching us about literature. We had these cool little journals we got to decorate and right in every single day.”

While some people may struggle with reading and writing, Downing has always exceled.

“I always understood metaphors, similes, hidden meanings in whatever I read,” Downing said. “It’s always clear to me what the author is doing.”

Downing thanks and appreciates every English teacher she’s ever had for showing her what amazing things literature has to offer.

After high school Downing is contemplating making writing her life.

“I know everyone says it isn’t a great choice of career money wise, but writing is something I’ll always be passionate about and I want passion for the rest of my life.”

Writing and reading have fallen hand in hand for senior Downing. While reading is part of the curriculum, Downing enjoys reading as a pastime.

“I rarely pick up a book I don’t like,” she said. “I go back and reread books over the years and every time you catch something you may not have noticed before.”


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