Sami Dugdale, editor

Last year’s co-editor of the Blueprint, senior Sami Dugdale hopes to make her last year at L.D. Bell count by joining activities that appeal to her passions: photography and journalism.

Dugdale perfects her photography skills by taking headshots and photographing her friends. “I love taking portrait photos,” she said. “It’s so close-up, you get to see people in a very intimate and non-creepy way.”

Outside of school she manages her dual-credit classes along with her job at Home Goods and pursues an interest in theater at the local Artisan Center Theater.

“I’m currently working as the stage manager in children’s theater and they’re all so sweet,” she said. “They bring me little presents sometimes.”

As for next year, Dugdale hopes to attend UT Austin to major in either art history or photography. In Summer 2016 she had an internship at the Museum of Modern Art where she got to see photos of her favorite photographer, Dorothea Lange.

All of the activities she does will help manage her soon-to-be busy lifestyle, as it’s her dream to live in New York City.

“It’s so different from Texas…southern people have a certain hospitality that doesn’t happen in New York,” Dugdale said. “Everyone is constantly running around getting where they need to go.”

For the time being, Dugdale is excited to work on new aspects of the school newspaper such as the website in order to bring in more readers. “But this year I’m really excited about attending school events as a senior and preparing for college.”


—Laramie Knox