Taylor Copeland, opinions editor

Taylor Copeland is junior at L.D. Bell. She will be graduating in the year of 2017.

This year she is trying to keep her grades high and have a high GPA. This is her first year in newspaper and she is very excited.

taylorprofilephotoHer main target is to work on the music column this year. She listens to music all the time and wouldn’t mind writing about it as well. She loves to write and read.

In her free time she enjoys taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises. She said that “not every sunset is the same, so I want to capture each and everyone that I see.”

She loves working with other people and loves teamwork. The outcome of teamwork is always great.

She wants to learn new things when it comes to a camera and how to use to have great pictures to show others.

She is excited to work with her classmates in each newspaper and to watch then work with her and teach her things she doesn’t know already. She is also willing to teach her classmates what she knows.

She is ready for this year and ready for what’s to come of it.