Sophie Rodgers

Sophie Rodgers has been in volleyball since she was just 11 years old. Rodgers plans on continuing her volleyball career in college. Some colleges she has looked at are Angelo State, Tarleton, University of Colorado, and many more.

In college she is studying Sports Psychology. She got the interest from when her father had a stroke back in January.

“I loved seeing the workers help him through recovery,” Rodgers said.

It was obviously life changing seeing her dad go through that, and so it really impacted her.

“I’ve always been in the sports environment,” she said, “I’ve always enjoyed playing sports.”

Rodgers was in counseling when younger, which also helped her realize what she wanted to do when older.

“Sports psychology is a great combination of my interests,” she said about why she chose that occupation.

Working with athletes is what she has done since she was a child, and is what she would love to pursue it as a career. In fact, her backup is to study sports journalism.

“ESPN would definitely be a cool company to work with,” Rodgers said. She is actually in newspaper in school because of this career option.

Rodgers is excited about starting her junior year and all the opportunities it has in store for her future.

—Kaylee Castaneda

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