Sophie Rodgers, sports editor

Sophie. A dog lover. An athlete. A senior.

While Sophie is excited for senior year, she is most excited to walk the stage.

As team captain of the varsity volleyball team, she is also looking forward to motivate herself as well as her teammates to push for play-offs this year.

Since Sophie has been playing volleyball since the young age of 11, she has unfortunately become burnt out. So because of this, she does not plan of furthering her volleyball career.

However, she does plan on moving up with her level of education, at the University of North Texas. Sophie wishes to receive a degree in Sports Psychology and then “eventually own my own practice,” she said.

What gave Sophie interest into the career of Sports Psychology was when her father had a stroke. Sophie said that the doctors couldn’t tell her father or her family the cause of the stroke, but “sports may have been a factor,” she said.

Sophie has said that she is really intrigued to know what really goes on in an athlete’s mind when they decide to quit a sport.

Furthermore, when asked about the presence of a role model, Sophie was quick to reply with, “my mom.” She described her mom as a hard-working and a strong woman that provides for the family.

Aliyana Gonzalez


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